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Believe or not, more than 800 millions of people per year search the phrases “give me the money” or “give me a money”. Everybody needs money. High living fees make people to run for it. Almost all free time in normal conditions, now become money making run. On this site I will show you some examples how to make some extra income.

                       give me the money give me a money

Before all I want you to know that I am real person, not some internet guru who is hiding behind the curtain. My name is Dejan Radonjic and same like you now I was trying to find some way to succeed online. In first year I was an easy target, and was taken by a few scam artists. This caused me much grief, and financial loss. But I believed in myself, and continued the struggle, until the fog started to slowly clear up. Now I know few ways that really works, but I can’t promise you that you will make millions in short time with small investment. Like every job you will need to work to make something. The part where I can help is to give you some tips how I did it and hope it will be useful to you. I can promise just few things I will do on this site:

1. Share with you the exact systems I use

2. Never recommend a system or tool I do not own and use

3. Provide strategies you can put to use immediately with little to no learning curve

As I said, everybody needs money. But we are living in difficult times! Economical DISASTER, DEPRESSION & RECESSION is happening worldwide right now!

Many companies go down.

No such thing as a secure JOB anymore.

Huge banks and companies are going out of business.

MASSIVE Government Debt Burdens.

Only option to start your own business left, but traditional businesses and franchises are expensive, have high risk and high failure rate. 


Internet offers many ways to make money. I will mention just few examples here: 

HYIP- High Yield Investment Programs

This is solution with minimum work and highest risk. Many companies on internet offer high interest returns for the money you invest. Sometime interests go up to 2,5% daily. This is a simple example for one investment:

If you invest 10$ for a period of 180 days (many investment companies calculate just working days, so 180 days will be about 8-9 months), with daily interest of 1,8% you will get about 250$ when investment period is over. More details you can find on this page:

HYIP High Yield Investment Programs


Online Betting

Too many people love betting, but only small number of them wins. Do you know why? All of them want fast money. There is one proven way how to get the money with betting, but it needs patience. Click on link below will take to the page where I explained it

Bet tips


Direct Sales Home Based Business Industry

is EXPLODING as more and more people look for ways to supplement or replace their traditional earning options! There are estimated to be over 200 Million people worldwide operating a network marketing / Direct Sales home base business as more people recognize the potential for average people to do well. Many companies offer full solutions with finished pages and tools for your work. Your job will be just to promote that pages and get your commission for sale you make. Some of jobs that I work online you can find on page:

Network marketing-Direct sale


Making of Internet Sites

This probably looks most complicated to you. But like every job, you can learn it in short period (1-2 months) and you will know about 60% of this job. That will be enough to begin to make small sites, which will begin to make you some extra money. There is many ways that you can use your site.

-Sale of your products (if you choose network marketing/ direct sales option).

-Sale of products from Amazon, Click bank etc

-Making any kind of site based on future clicks from advertisers (many companies pay to put commercial on some sites that have similar content with their advertising method)

Globally there is more than 50 ways to make money with websites. More details you can find on page ______













banners broker

quick cash forumcashunited


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